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    The Secret History of the First Cat in Space

    On October 18th, 1963, the Centre national d’études in France was set to send a small cat named Félix into space. After lagging behind its Soviet and American competitors, France was eager to stake its claim in the space race—with cats, for some reason. But on launch day, the mischievous little beast went missing—and an […] More

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    Literal Government Fat Cats Get in Catfight at 10 Downing Street

    Government often initiates drama on a global scale, but interpersonal feuds will erupt in heated moments. The residents of 10 Downing Street were recently treated to the sight of two civil servants in a knock-down drag-out cat fight. Larry the cat is a permanent resident of 10 Downing, hired to chase away mice and relieve […] More

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    You’ve heard of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. But have you heard of SpaceX’s BFR?

    Last week, SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon Heavy on its maiden voyage to Mars and the Asteroid Belt, surpassing even SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s own expectations for the mission. We know it exceeded his expectations based on his reaction to the launch itself: Holy flying fuck, that thing took off! Indeed it did, and it’s […] More

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    Here’s Who Will Win Super Bowl LII, According to a Hippo

    WARNING: This article contains spoilers for a future live sporting event, assuming that you accept that a 1-year-old hippo has the power to violate all known laws of time and space. Fiona the hippo has determined that the Philadelphia Eagles will win the 2018 Super Bowl, and she communicated her determination to humanity by eating […] More

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    Why can’t you get your cat to follow orders?

    Cats are not like dogs. It is much harder to make them obey; they are headstrong and seem almost to be lazy. Quite often we become the servants of the cat, rather than the other way around. Take the cat Conrad for example. He lives with a human named Truls. Conrad is a rescue animal […] More

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