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  • Chiropractor-Crack-Premature-Infant-Back
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    Chiropractor Cracks 4 Day Old Premature Newborn’s Back

    Despite weak evidence supporting the efficacy of chiropractors (and no evidence supporting treatment of non-musculoskeletal conditions), there are over 45,000 chiropractors in the United States alone, who collectively earn about $3 billion annually. A chiropractor specializes in cracking bones “correcting vertebral subluxations” in your back, despite subluxations not being an actual thing. A chiropractor is […] More

  • boost-immune-system-cover
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    ‘Boosting’ your immune system is a terrible idea.

    We often hear ads trying to sell us a product to “boost” our immune systems. Magazines offer “9 Power Foods That Boost Immunity” and Dr. Oz has a list of “14 Natural Immunity Boosters.” Even Food Babe talks about how to “boost” your immune system naturally (spoiler alert: she loves turmeric). And on the surface […] More

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    10+ Times We Wish We Knew What Our Cats Were Thinking

    Cats are undoubtedly great, but do they ever do things that make you wonder what they’re thinking? Here, we’ve collected some of our favorite cat memes that make us say… What?! Just this morning, one of my cats was playing with a box in our pantry when he got spooked by… Who knows? He takes […] More

  • funny-wildlife-photo-awards-winners-2017


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    The Funny Wildlife Photo Winners of 2017 Will Absolutely Make Your Day

    The 2017 funny wildlife photo winners have been announced by Comedy Wildlife, and they are the best things we’ve seen all day year! The awards were started to bring attention to wildlife conservation by creating conversations about funny animal pictures. The website promotes the Born Free foundation, an organization that rescues animals and does outreach […] More

  • Merlin the ragdoll cat who is tired of everything

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    Meet Merlin: The Ragdoll Cat Who Is Tired Of Everything

    Meet Merlin: The Ragdoll Cat Who Is Tired Of Everything You’ve heard of Grumpycat, now get ready for… Merlin! According to his Instagram account, @MerlinRagdoll, Merlin is part Ragdoll, part Himalayan, and 100% unamused by his human’s antics. It’s my humans birthday today so to thank her for her efforts I left her a gift in […] More

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