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    Siberian Farm Cats Have Taken Over This Farm, And They’re Absolutely Majestic

    Just when you think you’re the craziest cat lady around, someone else goes ahead and one-ups you to the fullest. Russian farmer Alla Lebedeva has turned her homestead into a self-proclaimed ‘Catland,’ and has gone viral with the incredible photographs and videos she takes of her many glorious Siberian cats. Stationed in Prigorodny, just outside […] More

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    How To Trap A Cat In Just 3 Simple Steps

    We all know that cats are attracted to boxes, but what about circles? Thankfully, the internet is conducting a highly scientific experiment regarding the behavioral psychology of cats, and many feline scientists have thoroughly tested their hypotheses. There are several reasons why cats love boxes, but the big one is safety and security, says Marilyn […] More

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    Why can’t you get your cat to follow orders?

    Cats are not like dogs. It is much harder to make them obey; they are headstrong and seem almost to be lazy. Quite often we become the servants of the cat, rather than the other way around. Take the cat Conrad for example. He lives with a human named Truls. Conrad is a rescue animal […] More

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    Louie the Cape Coral cat is so popular, he has over 10 owners

    Realtor Lenora Marshall was showing a house that was for sale on her own Cape Coral, Florida, street about six years ago when something gray darted out of one of the empty rooms. The potential buyers were surprised, and asked Marshall if that gray flash they glimpsed was a cat. “That’s just Louie,” Marshall recalls telling them, […] More

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    Cat Gets His Own Yoga Mat So He Can Work Out Next To Mom

    “Whether he is in the same room or on the opposite side of the house sleeping, he will get up and join me while I work out.” For the longest time, whenever Autumn Pregizer would pull out her exercise mat, her cat Mango would immediately climb onto it with her. He loved hanging out with […] More

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    Meet Africa’s Smallest Cat… And also the deadliest… The Gyra!

    The world’s deadliest cat isn’t a tiger, lion, or puma. It’s not that really mean back-alley cat behind your house, either. It’s this tiny feline fighter called the Gyra! Without a doubt, some of these enormous felines can definitely be deadly. Lions, leopards and cheetahs are all huge cats with quick reflexes and powerful bites. […] More

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    China’s youth is obsessed with a new trend – ‘cat-sniffing’

    HANGZHOU – Zhou Shuaibo loves sniffing his orange tabby cat and spends hours playing with it every day. Burying his face in the fluffy body of his cat and inhaling deeply while stroking its tummy, Zhou is one of China’s many youth who engage in ‘cat sniffing’, a term coined for those who obsessively smell […] More

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    Feral Kitten With Saddest Eyes Never Knew What Love Was

    Sometimes, we don’t choose our pets — our pets choose us. Such was the case with an adorable kitty named Mami, who happened to have some of the saddest eyes we’ve ever seen. Poor little Mami was found, along with her mom and two brothers, in the dumpster of a high school during the middle […] More

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