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  • Cats seem to grasp the laws of physics
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    Cats seem to grasp the laws of physics!

    Do cats understand physics? This study suggests they do! Thirty domestic cats were videotaped while an experimenter shook a container. In some cases this action went along with a rattling sound. In others it did not, to simulate that the vessel was empty. After the shaking phase, the container was turned over, either with an […] More

  • Nature's smallest rainbows, created by peacock spiders, may inspire new optical technology
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    Nature’s smallest rainbows, created by peacock spiders, may inspire new optical technology

    One species of peacock spiders – the rainbow peacock spider (Maratus robinsoni) – is particularly impressive, because it showcases an intense rainbow iridescent signal in males’ courtship displays to the females. This is the first known instance in nature of males using an entire rainbow of colors to entice females to mate. But how do […] More

  • New Study: Farms with Both Cats and Dogs Have Fewer Rats
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    New Study: Farms with Both Cats and Dogs Have Fewer Rats

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It’s not a proverb you’d think cats and dogs would subscribe to. But a study published in early 2017 suggests that when these fabled foes band together, they’re better able to vanquish a shared adversary: rats. Researchers evaluated rodent activity on 40 farms in central Swaziland—10 with […] More

  • cat running at night


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    Why Your Cat Runs Around at Night Like a Maniac, According to Science

    Cat owners are all too familiar with the nighttime “zoomies.” While many animals dart around in a display of frenetic energy, it seems that only cats enjoy doing this at 2 a.m. when their owners are asleep. Though the night zoomies can be difficult to understand, a cat researcher tells Inverse there’s actual science behind […] More

  • Chiropractor-Crack-Premature-Infant-Back
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    Chiropractor Cracks 4 Day Old Premature Newborn’s Back

    Despite weak evidence supporting the efficacy of chiropractors (and no evidence supporting treatment of non-musculoskeletal conditions), there are over 45,000 chiropractors in the United States alone, who collectively earn about $3 billion annually. A chiropractor specializes in cracking bones “correcting vertebral subluxations” in your back, despite subluxations not being an actual thing. A chiropractor is […] More

  • boost-immune-system-cover
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    ‘Boosting’ your immune system is a terrible idea.

    We often hear ads trying to sell us a product to “boost” our immune systems. Magazines offer “9 Power Foods That Boost Immunity” and Dr. Oz has a list of “14 Natural Immunity Boosters.” Even Food Babe talks about how to “boost” your immune system naturally (spoiler alert: she loves turmeric). And on the surface […] More

  • Sorry cat haters science isn't on your side


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    Sorry, Cat Haters, Science Isn’t On Your Side

    By Rafi Letzter | Popular Science Some people just don’t like cats. That’s okay. Some people don’t like pizza. Or dogs. Or Harry Potter. But some cat-haters aren’t satisfied with not owning cats themselves. They need to drag the rest of us down with them. The first thing you notice when you dig around in […] More