2018 will be ruled not by dogs, nor cats, but by the @Round_Boys!

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We love cats. But it’s time to say move over dogs, and move over cats. It’s time to make way for… @Round_Boys!

Normally, we’d defend cats and fight for their dominance on the internet. This, despite Google Trend showing that dogs have always been more popular than cats on the internet. But in this instance, I think we know we’re out-gunned with @Round_Boys.

The Twitter account, which has been around for about a month, focuses exclusively on animals that are round in shape, or at least posing in a round shape, and it is just fantastic.

As the AV Club explains:

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[L]ast year was a resurgent one for dogs. The burlier and more obedient species became the pet celebre of the internet, thanks in large part to the WeRateDogs Twitter account, which served as the most visible expression of a renewed interest in doggos and puppers. The platonic ideal of a cat on the internet is implacable, retaining its inherent aloofness and grumpiness despite any indignity, but the internet celebrates the inverse of dogs—their inherent effervescence and unwavering fealty. All dogs became “boys,” and all the boys were good.

The @Round_Boys account is not species-exclusive though. Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, and more all coexist and it’s absolutely adorable.

From little round boys…

… to bigger round boys!

They have all different types of animals too, including desert rain frogs…

And cute little bunnies.

Perhaps the fluffiest and floofiest of round boys, too:

Do you have a round boy of your own? Show us in the comments!

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Written by Skeptical Kitten

They have junk science. We have cats.

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