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    ‘Boosting’ your immune system is a terrible idea.

    We often hear ads trying to sell us a product to “boost” our immune systems. Magazines offer “9 Power Foods That Boost Immunity” and Dr. Oz has a list of “14 Natural Immunity Boosters.” Even Food Babe talks about how to “boost” your immune system naturally (spoiler alert: she loves turmeric). And on the surface […] More

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    CryptoKitties, Ethereum, Blockchain, and how I bought digital cats.

    Cryptocurrency is having a bit of a moment right now. And as cats have a tendency to get into everything, they have shown up in the cryptocurrency world in the form of a new game called CryptoKitties. The game started near the end of October and has absolutely exploded. There’s even a fairly decently-sized reddit community […] More