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10+ Times We Wish We Knew What Our Cats Were Thinking

Cats are undoubtedly great, but do they ever do things that make you wonder what they’re thinking? Here, we’ve collected some of our favorite cat memes that make us say… What?!

We actually have this fountain!
Watch a video of our cats using it!

Just this morning, one of my cats was playing with a box in our pantry when he got spooked by… Who knows? He takes off running through the kitchen and into our living room, runs right into a box I have sitting on the floor, and keeps going upstairs. Then there’s my other cat who, as I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, decides he’s going to try to knock my drink off the table. What’s the deal?

The other day, my kids were playing with their nerf guns when my cat became enthralled with chasing after the darts. He even went to the point of stalking them – hiding behind a box and jumping out to attack it!Here, we’ve collected some of our favorite “huh?” cat memes for you to enjoy!

This list will be open to YOUR submissions until 12/31/17!

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Sorry, Cat Haters, Science Isn't On Your Side
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Written by Skeptical Kitten

They have junk science. We have cats.

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Sorry cat haters science isn't on your side

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