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20 pictures that PROVE cats and dogs can be BFFs!

It’s generally known that cats and dogs don’t typically care much for one another. After all, the cat sees the dog as a potential threat, and the dog thinks that the cat is just trying to play around. So the dog will chase the cat, which just makes the cat more agitated, and poof – you have a fight!

We’ve seen cats get along with other animals before. We recently posted about a cat name Louis who loves to ride a horse all around the neeeeeighpurrhood. (Okay, sorry not sorry about the bad pun.) Louis gets on the saddle, then the horse walks him around. It’s absolutely as weird as it sounds.

Then there are cats that aren’t cats at all – cats made out of blocks similar to LEGO – which your own cats would probably just push right off of your counter or table, onto the floor. These are great for adults who want an excuse to play with LEGO but are too nervous about the stigma that comes with a “kid’s toy.” There’s no shame in enjoying LEGO!

But sometimes, cats and dogs DO get along! They either get comfortable and used to one another’s mannerisms, or they are both have a relaxed demeanor allowing them to be friends.

We’re here to celebrate those times when cats and dogs do vibe with each other and become best friends. They’re so cute and cuddly, we can almost hear the cute kitties purring!

Which one is your favorite? Do you know of any cats that get along with animals from another species like this? Be sure to cast your vote, or leave it in the comments!

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Now There's Cat ‘LEGO’ For People Who Can’t Get Enough Of Cats!

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Our own Skeptical Kittens are skeptical about playing in the snow!