Almost no one can find Pieorgi, the little white cat in this picture!

Internet, meet Pierogi. Or maybe you can’t quite yet, because you can’t find him in this picture?

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Can you see her?

Pierogi is an adorable little white cat who loves to hide, and she’s an expert at it. Her owner, @GraceSpelman, gave us some help finding Pierogi, but it was still a tough one.

Let’s try it. I brightened the original image by 50% here:

Pierogi cat hiding bright

Still can’t find her? That’s okay! She’s a sneaky little one. Others had a hard time, too:

Here she is, camouflaged by her white coat next to the trash bags:

Pierogi hiding cat circled

And you can tell she is decidedly *not* happy about the situation.

Pierogi hiding cat zoom

Grace has posted other hunts for us to look at on her account, so we look forward to playing “Find Pierogi” again!

CryptoKitties, Ethereum, Blockchain, and how I bought digital cats.

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CryptoKitties, Ethereum, Blockchain, and how I bought digital cats.