Buff cat is the hero the internet didn’t know it needed

“That boy is an absolute unit.” – An actual veterinarian describing buff cat

Internet, meet buff cat. Buff cat is exactly what you expect him to be, and nothing more. Because buff cat doesn’t need to be anything more. He’s buff. If you don’t believe us, check out their twitter page:

I don’t know how anyone would possibly get that image out of their minds, to be honest.
Look at him. LOOK AT HIM!

He’s a model and he doesn’t even know it.

Such elegance. Such grace.

And he works the runway like the true professional that he is.

BuzzFeed followed up with the account owner, who had this to say:

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Dr. Dan Smith, a veterinarian in New York, told BuzzFeed News he’s not sure if Buff Cat suffers from a genetic muscle condition, but said, “That boy is an absolute unit.”

“There is a genetic mutation that’s found mostly in some cow breeds that is called double-muscling (look up some pictures, they look fucking swole!) and I’ve heard of rare cases of it in some dog breeds like Rottweilers and Greyhounds, but never in a cat. This might be the first,” he added.

This has led to some truly great photoshop work, too:




It’s possible that buff cat could have a genetic mutation similar to Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy in humans, however it’s impossible to know the cause without being able to have him genetically tested.

Buff cat isn’t the only animal that’s buff, though…

I’m terrified, too!

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