How To Trap A Cat In Just 3 Simple Steps

The Internet is collectively performing a study on cat behavioral psychology, and all of us (and our cats) can participate!


We all know that cats are attracted to boxes, but what about circles? Thankfully, the internet is conducting a highly scientific experiment regarding the behavioral psychology of cats, and many feline scientists have thoroughly tested their hypotheses.

There are several reasons why cats love boxes, but the big one is safety and security, says Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behavior consultant and owner of

In fact, a recent study in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science found that boxes can actually help reduce a cat’s stress levels. A group of new shelter cats were randomly assigned to either receive a box or not. After just a few days, researchers reported that the cats that were given boxes recovered faster and adapted to their environment more quickly than the cats without boxes.

But how do we scientifically test the effects of a circle on a cat? Well, we’re here to help.

More info: (h/t: reddit, imgur)

Step 1: Set the trap. Any tape on the floor will do.

Step 2: Lure the dangerous beast.

Step 3: Celebrate your victory. You’ve contained the ferocious feline!

Poor fella didn’t even see it coming. He’s totally trapped!

His eyes may look innocent, but we all know the truth.

As good scientists, we always want to be able to replicate the results of our experiments. So let’s repeat, shall we?

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Step 1: A circle made from an electrical cord.

Step 2: Await the deadly creature’s arrival.


Step 4: Celebrate. We were able to repeat our results!

He’s at a total loss – there’s nowhere for him to go!

Got ’em!

What’s more, other amateur scientists have conducted their own scientific experiments to trap their cats, too!

Who knew that containing such a deadly animal could be as simple as a hula hoop on the floor?

Have you ever tried to trap your cat in a circle? Show us your pictures in the comments!

Cat Rescued After Spending Entire Life Trapped In Small Pet Carrier
Why can’t you get your cat to follow orders?

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