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We are excited about our site currency – Kittens!

Basically, this is a way for you to show off your contributions and activity on the site. Sadly, we can’t send you real kittens (our lawyers are in negotiations with the USPS regarding the legality of this), but we can absolutely send you internet points!

Want to financially support the site, get lots and lots of Kittens, AND get an exclusive donor-only badge for your account? Buy Kittens (starting at $5 = 5000 Kittens) here using PayPal! You can also gift Kittens to your friends on the site, too!

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[mycred_buy_form amount=10000]
10% BONUS: an extra 1000 Kittens will be included when you buy 10,000!

[mycred_buy_form amount=25000]
20% BONUS: an extra 5000 Kittens will be included when you buy 25,000!

Note: if you don’t receive your bonus within 24 hours of purchase, contact our staff.


Contest winners who have an account will be awarded Kittens, so bring your “A” game! The amount of Kittens awarded will be listed on the contest itself, if applicable. If you won a contest but did not receive your awarded Kittens, please let us know via our contact page.

And then there are badges…

Currently, if you sign up in December 2017 you will earn a “Founding Member” badge, giving you a whopping 2500 FIVE THOUSAND Kitten bonus!

Other badges will be added at a later time, but will include rewards for 10 daily logins, 100 daily logins, viewing 10/100 posts, commenting on 10/100 posts, publishing posts, and more!

Suggestions for new badges are appreciated and can be submitted via the form on our contact page!

What do you do with Kittens?

Love them, adore them, show them off to your friends, hug them (well, maybe you can’t hug these…), and whatever you want! Kittens are a way for others to know how much you support the site and serve as your “street cred” within! Think Reddit or Imgur points, but with less… Reddit and Imgur.

We will implement more updates to our Kitten currency system in the future, and possibly ways to use the points for contests, store discounts, and more! We’re open to suggestions, so if you have an idea, let us know!

How to earn Kittens:


Note: This table is generated automagically and is up-to-date with the current rewards. This list is subject to change with or without notice, as the reward budget has not been reviewed by the Kitten Oversight Committee, due to the members of the committee being distracted by laser pens. If the Kitten Oversight Committee finds concern for hyperinflation of the Kitten Economy – the Kittenomy – adjustments may be made to the payout table as well as to user accounts to correct the issue in order to maintain the USD monetary value of Kittens. Kittens obtained through real-money transactions will NOT be manually deducted from your account by Skeptical Kitten staff. We appreciate your understanding.