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Our own Skeptical Kittens are skeptical about playing in the snow!

We tried… three times… to let them play!

skeptical kitten cats playing in snow

Today we tried to have our cats play in the snow. I was hopeful it’d be a great success, but not really sure what would happen. But first, I don’t know that we’ve been properly introduced yet.

Internet, meet our cats. From front to back, it’s Jack, Garfield, and Little Man!

I’ve had Jack for about 11 years, and my girlfriend (whose Instagram account is embedded above) has had Little Man 6.5 years and Garfield for about 2 years.

Look at them. Love them. They’re amazing!

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If you live in the Eastern half of the United States, you’re well aware that it’s cold. And I mean really cold. It was about -10 Fahrenheit here this morning, and there’s about 4-5 inches of snow on the ground outside. Cold enough that schools are canceled, meaning I get to hang out with my kids all day today and play Minecraft and build LEGO with them because we have no desire to go anywhere today!

But after seeing a post about cute animals playing in the snow, I thought we’d give our cats a chance to play in the snow themselves. We don’t let our cats go outside, much to their chagrin. Jack likes being outside, and has snuck out a few times. Most notably, last summer he was missing for an entire day, and after canvasing the entire neighborhood, we found him in a small recessed area sitting on top of a drain (we were clearly more upset over the entire situation than he was!).

When it was warmer outside, Little Man would sit by our back door, reach up and stretch, and scratch the door near the handle as if he thought that would be sufficient to open it. Maybe he thought we’d take a hint and let him out?

Garfield is the most skiddish of our three cats. He will mostly stay upstairs in one of the bedrooms during the day, unless he wants to cuddle with one of us.

So we started the experiment with Jack, who has the boldest personality of the three. Jack will let you pick him up, carry him upside down, and seems more interested in trying to figure out what you’re doing than anything else. So I bundled up the kids (and myself!) and we opened the back door for Jack.

He was having none of it. He stepped on the metal threshold momentarily, and that was more than enough for him to say “nope.”

(Here’s a link to the Cosmic Exploration poster, shown in the videos, that my wonderful girlfriend got me as a Christmas gift!)

Skeptical kitten store promo 1

Shortly after, Garfield came into the kitchen, so I thought we’d try him next to see if there was any interest. I didn’t expect him to even go to the door, but he did!

And I was right… No interest, although Jack did express some interest himself. I thought maybe he’d dive into it when we let Little Man have a chance. Maybe. Possibly.

Jack did not. But strangely enough, Little man DID. He was outside for a couple minutes, actually! Long enough for me to realize that I’d have a serious problem if he decided to take off, since I wasn’t expecting him to be interested at all. I didn’t have shoes or a coat on, so I had my youngest hold my phone while I went and got them (he told me I had to credit him for shooting the video for me!).

Once he got back inside, Little Man was clearly not happy. His curiosity to be outside surpassed his better reasoning and the level of enjoyment he experienced was clearly not meet his expectations. In other words, he said:

Jack was probably the most shaken of all of them, and he took an angry nap almost immediately afterwards.

(I got the shirt I’m wearing from Amazon, and the big cat shelf and smaller shelf, too!)

All in all, I think it was a moderately successful experience, and maybe they’ll think twice about going outside in the summertime when it’s actually nice outside? 🙂

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